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What is this game?
TriviaRoyale is a quiz game for many people at the same time. Each player sees the exact same question but only the first player to answer correctly gets points.
How can I answer the question?
The game is a chat! Type your answer and hit send. If your guess was correct, the round ends and you get points awarded.
When does it end?
You can play as much or as little as you like. Be it a 5 minute break at work or an hour of intense quizzing, everything goes. Collect points to rank higher in the current leaderboards!
What are the rules?

Be civil and respectful. Use friendly language and be welcoming to new players.

Answer questions without looking elsewhere, no cheating please.

How do I play with friends?

Invite your friends to play with you by clicking the "Invite" button on the game page.

Coming soon: A private lobby just for you and your friends alone is planned for the future.

Alright how do I start playing?

Dive right in with a single click, no registration required!